Taxonomy Working Group Meeting I, London, UK

The NeDiMAH Network researches the practice of, and evidence for, advanced ICT methods in the arts and humanities across Europe. The Network brings together practitioners in a series of thematic Working Groups that examine the use of formalcomputationally-based methods for the capture, investigation, analysis, study,modelling, presentation, dissemination, publication and evaluation of arts and humanities materials for research. This research is contributing to the classification and expression of ICT methods used the arts and humanities in a key output: an enhanced taxonomy of methods for the digital arts and humanities (ideally expressed as an ontology) that will formalize and codify the expression of work in the digital arts and humanities, give greater academic credibility to this work, and support peer- reviewed scholarship in this area. It will contribute to the development of a methodological layer that allows arts and humanities researchers to develop, refine and share research methods that allow them to create and make best use of digital collections. Better contextualization of ICT Methods will also be of particular benefitfor early stage researchers.  This meeting scoped existing work in the field, including taxonomy and classification work developed by libraries and digital humanities centres and organisations to date. They will begin to investigate ways in which NeDiMAH can carry out and analysis of practice from which a classification of digital arts and humanities can emerge, and how this can be situated into ongoing international
developments into the development of ontologies. It will also build a connection with DARIAH Virtual Competency Centre 2, which has a remit to investigate the classification of digital humanities practice.

Lorna Hughes, National Library of Wales, (UK)
Anne Welsh, University College, London (UK)
Torsten Reimer, JISC (UK)
Christoph Schöch, University of Wuerzburg (Germany)
Ruth Reich, University of Darmstadt (Germany)
Matt Munsen, University of Gottingen (Germany)
Christian Emil Ore; University of Oslo (Norway)
Leif Isaksen, University of Southampton (UK)
Orla Murphy, University College, Cork (Ireland)
Tobias Blanke, King’s College, London (UK)

12th November 2012.

See below .pdf for full report. .