Reading and thinking with visual tools and methods in digital humanities 7-8 December 2011

Digital tools for the representation of humanistic materials are rapidly expanding the possibilities for how we read and think when exploring different research questions. In the workshop we gathered expertise from different research areas, each one of which uses various form of visualization to support existing research and to anticipate new research. Different perspectives were voiced. Some reflected upon usage, while others tried to understand the potential of different practices. As a result the workshop managed to articulate a better understanding of both the risks and benefits involved, as well as giving an insight into modes of practice.

The workshop was organized by giving participants responsibilities to sharing their views on how to address/reflect upon the objectives of the workshop. The participants expressed a keen interest in the theme of the workshop, but more importantly there was a strong collaborative atmosphere of shared research and experience where everyone felt their perspective mattered.

Umeå 07/12/2011-08/12/2011

Co-sponsored by ESF networking programme 

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