NeDiMAH workshop on Space & Time in Digital Humanities: Place, Period, Event, Entity based approaches to space and Time 30 November 2011, London, UK

This workshop focused on conceptual approaches to space and time, as opposed to geometric and coordinate based methods. Such approaches have proven useful in contexts in which exact spatial location is unknown, uncertain or 
irrelevant, and can also prove a powerful catalyst for establishing connections between heretogeneous data (Linked Data).  Topics included the creation, maintenance  and application of spatial and temporal ontologies, gazetteers and other conceptual schemes. It was based around a series of sessions addressing the concepts of ‘place’ (spatial concepts), ‘period’(temporal concepts) and ‘event’  (concepts  intersecting  space  and  time).

Convenors (NeDiMAH  Space  and  Time  Working  Group)
Daniel  Alves,  New  University of  Lisbon,  Portugal
Jens  Andresen,  University  of  Aarhus,  Denmark
Shawn  Day,  Royal  Irish  Academy,  Ireland
Øyvind  Eide,  KCL/University  of  Oslo,  Norway
Eero  Hyvönen,  Aalto  University,  Finland
Leif  Isaksen,  University  of  Southampton,  United  Kingdom
Eetu  Mäkelä,  Aalto  University,  Finland

See below .pdf for full report.

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