Developing NeMO: the NeDiMAH Methods Ontology

Monday December 15th - Tuesday December 16th, 2014, Koninklijke Bibliotheek/National Library of the Netherlands, Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, 2595 BE The Hague, Netherlands.

The fifth working group meeting of the NeDiMAH Methods Ontology Working Group (previously the Methods Taxonomy Working Group) brought together the steering group of the project to develop NeMO (the “NeDiMAH Methods Ontology, The developers of the ontology and the platform for hosting and maintaining it, with a group of practitioners in the digital humanities. Participants representing DARIAH and CLARIN were also present. Aspects of NeMO are being developed by DARIAH-GR, who are also important stakeholders in the development of this important research output.

The primary aim of the meeting was to continue the work-plan for the development of NeMO. As it nears conclusion, there are development tasks that need to be accomplished, but just as importantly, consultation with the target community is essential.

In order to accomplish this overall aim, the meeting had three key objectives:
1. To present an overview of the state of development of NeMO, and to obtain feedback from the community on the general scope of the project.
2. To collect a series of ‘use cases’ from the community that were based on real-world research experience, so that the group could discuss how these examples could be represented in the ontology.
3. To discuss potential uptake of the ontology and its integration into the international digital arts and humanities community, especially through collaboration with DARIAH and CLARIN.