Culturecloud, Co-reference, Archive workshop and CRM/FRBRoo SIG week, Stockholm 3-4 June 2013

The workshop ran overtwo days. In the first day we focused on the CultureCloud initiative and museums and archives and on how core ontologies like CIDOC‐CRM and FRBRoo can be used as a common vocabulary for discourse in museums, libraries and archives. The first day was attended by the participants in the K‐samsøk group and members of the staff of the Swedish National Archives.
The second day focused on theoretical and practical topics connected to linked data and the problem of co‐reference. The workshop wasco‐ organized with two of the WG of ICOM-CIDOC:CRM‐SIG and Co-reference working group. The meeting of these two groups continued on June 5th to 7th. 

Please see pdf for further details.