Training activity: Text editing

Training activity: Text editing

NeDiMAH has sponsored a workshop in text editing, which will be a knowledge transfer activity between those with experience in teaching and/or training in digital editing, and those who are new to the field. Specifically, we are looking to see how the experience of those in academia who teach and research text editing can contribute to the development of a core set of training materials for those new to the field, especially those working in publishing.

The general idea is develop a collaborative activity to put together an inventory of core readings, training material, and expertise for those new to the field, avoiding the frequent need for reinventing the wheel or overlooking the obvious.

Our plan is to hold a workshop in late spring, and as a preparatory activity, we are consulting the community about material used for teaching or training, especially open resources available online. Based on this input, we will invite a number of key practitioners to the workshop to discuss the core resources available for text editing, and how expertise can be shared more widely.

It would be very helpful if you could send us your expert opinions on the following questions:

* Do you teach text editing? If so, to whom, and in what form (e.g., undergraduate course, module, continuing professional development courses, etc)?

* Do you use free and open source material, for teaching or is is covered by restrictive licenses?

* Does the material you use meet the needs of students or inexperienced scholars, and where does it fall short?

* With regard to your training program or curriculum: did you design it yourself based on the needs of your group, or did you follow a certain program that is offered online?

It would be great if you could get back to us by e-mailing before the 23rd of January. If you would be interested in attending the workshop, please send your details.

Thanks in advance for any information and advice.

Elli Bleeker, University of Antwerp

Elena Pierazzo, University of Grenoble

Lorna Hughes, University of Wales/National Library of Wales

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