Participant Map

The above map shows all participants of NeDiMAH events according to their institutional affiliations. Over 750 people have participated in the 47 NeDiMAH events.

  • Large blue icons indicate people who have organised a NeDiMAH event.
  • Large yellow icons show participants who have presented research in a paper at a NeDiMAH event.
  • Red icons show other participants

Click the yellow icons to discover the titles of papers presented at NeDiMAH events.More participants and papers will be added as the final NeDiMAH events are reported upon in the coming weeks. The below maps summarises the number of participants from each country in Europe.  These figures will also be added to as the final NeDiMAH events in May 2015 are reported.



Although NeDiMAH is a Research Networking Programme of the European Science Foundation, its reach has been global.  The below map shows the numbers of participants who have travelled from beyond Europe to attend and participate in NeDiMAH events.