23. October 2014

The meeting ‘Downstream from the Digital Humanities’ was convened in Zadar, Croatia to discuss pre-circulated papers on a number of aspects of the topic of scholarly publishing and communication in the digital age.

2. October 2014

This workshop introduced the concepts and technologies behind the Semantic Web and showed how attendees can publish their research so that it is available as Linked Data, using distinct but interwoven models to represent services, data collections, workflows, and  so to simplify the rapid develop

5. September 2014

The Medieval and Modern Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age course ran for its fifth year on 28 April– 2 May 2014.

29. July 2014

Second and third workshop of the NeDiMAH working group Using Large­Scale Text Collections for research
Workshop Tuesday April 1st, 2014: ‘Corpora’ Workshop Wednesday April 2nd, 2014: ‘Research’

1)    Summary

22. July 2014

The workshop analysed and synthesized the data based on results of the international NeDiMAH and ESF survey on visualization undertaken throughout the Arts and Humanities community through various networks during July-August-September 2013.

22. July 2014

In the humanities, a close look at networks and relationships, whether formal or informal, personal or social, of information or of knowledge, of transportation or of communication, has always been an important subject of study and, at the same time, a powerful analytical process.

8. May 2014

An edited book featuring contributions from the workshop and invited related contributions is in work under the title "Space and Time Visualisation" after having been contracted at Springer Netherlands.

22. December 2013

Social Network Analysis (SNA) methods have found their place in historical research. The network concept is no longer a mere metaphor but has become a research method.

11. December 2013

The NeDiMAH Network researches the practice of, and evidence for, advanced ICT methods in the arts and humanities across Europe.